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  1. How many assertions per test?

    Thu 22 April 2021

    One assert should handle most cases but >1 is fine too.

  2. How I use `breakpoint()` to debug Python code

    Sun 04 April 2021

    I found it was quicker to use breakpoint() to debug Python code in situations where PyCharm was too difficult to configure.

  3. No Recycled WebDrivers

    Mon 15 March 2021

    This is one place you don't want to recycle.

  4. Please No: Things I Wish People Wouldn't Do In Python

    Wed 15 May 2019

    These are things I've seen in the wild that I would like for people to stop doing.

  5. Testing dynamic JSON

    Wed 10 April 2019

    Testing JSON data where the schema doesn't always include the same fields can be tricky at first.

  6. Basic pytest fixture example

    Mon 01 April 2019

    Basic pytest fixture example.